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Five Essential Pieces of Football Training Equipment For Kids


There are many different pieces of football training equipment at Strobe Sport’s lead capture form for kids, and many of these can enhance your child’s training sessions. Training cones are one of the most essential pieces of equipment, and they are inexpensive and can help your child get used to goals and targets. Kick-up trainers are another great piece of football training equipment for kids.

tackling rings

Tactics rings can be a great addition to your child’s football training equipment. They can be purchased for a few dollars and are an essential part of safe tackling practice. These rings can be used in padded and non-padded practices. They are also durable and won’t tip over. The foam inside the ring is shock-absorbing, which gives your player a soft landing.

Youth tackle rings are perfect for younger players, ranging from kindergarten to junior high school. The rings measure about 31 inches tall and force the tackler to lower their center of gravity when making a tackle. They come with printed graphics to help players maintain their head, which can help prevent injuries.

blocking sleds

Blocking sleds are an essential part of football training equipment for kids. They help players practice various blocking techniques, such as drive through, reach block, and cross block. A good blocking sled will help kids improve their technique and keep them safe. Most of these sleds can be easily made at home, but you can also hire an engineer to create a professional one.

In addition to enhancing speed and power, a football blocking sled helps players develop strength and conditioning. It also helps avoid lower back injuries that can occur when running the ball. It is essential to purchase a sled that fits the player’s height and weight.

MCD football on a string

The MCD football on a string is an excellent piece of football training equipment for kids. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-handle football that is ideal for improving overall touch, rhythm and passing accuracy. The small, lightweight design also improves foot-eye coordination and builds confidence.

Kick-up trainers

A simple way to develop a child’s soccer skills is with kick-up trainers. These trainers are often a net or a ball attached to a string. The aim of these exercises is to improve the player’s agility, pace and stamina. They also help with controlling aerial balls. They are ideal for developing young players’ skills and improving their overall fitness. However, these trainers should not replace commitment and consistency!

Hula hoops

Hula hoops have been around since ancient civilizations. They are made of durable plastic and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be purchased in packs of six or twelve. Each hula hoop can be used to construct a number of engaging activities.

Hula hoops are also great for team building. You can play a game where the players are divided into two teams and each team member has three hula hoops. The first team to reach the hula hoop finish line is the winner. The other team sends another player to meet the winner. This game continues until one team has a winner and a loser.

Hula hoops are made of high-quality plastic. You can choose from 2 or 3-way clips to connect the hoops together. You can also get a 4-way clip that will connect the hoops vertically.