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How to Choose a Reputable Office Moving Company

There are several factors to consider when choosing a reliable office moving company. Credentials and customer service are equally important, but they aren’t enough to select a good one. You should make an inventory list before choosing a company and ask for a binding quote. The company should also know exactly what you want to be moved. If possible, view online and send a few pictures of your current office layout and setup instructions, as this will help the moving company give you a more accurate estimate.

Credentials are equally important in choosing a good office moving company

It’s important to research the credentials of any office moving company you’re considering. Generally, a business’s website lists their name, address, and phone number. But you can also check out their Better Business Bureau listing, license, and insurance information. Look for common themes, such as complaints. If you see a pattern of complaints, move on to a different office moving company.

Experience matters a lot, so a company with many years of experience in office relocation is more reliable. Experience matters too, as office relocation requires different tools and knowledge from moving residential customers. Consider the number of years in business, as well as their office installation experience. Make sure you’ve discussed this in detail during the initial consultation. You should also ask if stairs and elevators are included in the quote.

Make an inventory list

Before hiring an office moving company, make an inventory list of everything in your office. Identify items that you want to move, as well as those that you want to leave behind. Label boxes and items accordingly – if possible, have the items labeled by department. If you have an inventory list of everything, it will make the job much easier for the moving crews and you’ll be able to identify things if they get lost during the move.

To begin your inventory list, begin by listing the largest items first. Don’t list every single small item, but do include the valuable ones, such as art work, electronics, and collectibles. Then, work your way down the list until you’ve listed all of the items in your office. This way, the movers will have an idea of what items are in each room. Moreover, it will help you estimate the amount of money it’s going to cost you to move the entire office.

If you have a lot of office equipment and supplies, you might want to consider donating them or shredding them before hiring an office moving company. To make the job easier, make an inventory list before hiring an office moving company. The list should be accurate and concise. Once you’ve finished the inventory list, the next step is to begin decluttering the office and gathering packing materials. Then, keep organized by staying organized and using the inventory list. The most important thing to do when hiring an office moving company is to stay organized.

Get a binding quote

Before you sign on the dotted line, get a binding quote for office moving services. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of the cost of the move and won’t be surprised on moving day when you’re left wondering if you overpaid. Be sure to request this type of estimate in writing and retain a copy for your records. A binding quote should include all the necessary charges, such as packing fees, insurance costs, and fuel surcharges.

Before you get a binding quote, make sure that you understand the difference between a non-binding estimate and a binding one. You’ll want to look at the weight and size of your office’s furniture to determine which type is right for you. Then, make sure you’ve taken everything down on a list. If you don’t, a moving company may refuse to take anything you’ve forgotten to list on your inventory.

Moreover, a binding quote should state that the price is fixed and isn’t subject to change. The price could go up if you change the day of the move or if the moving company tries to sneak in extra charges on moving day. Be sure to avoid any commercial moving company that attempts to trick you by providing a non-binding quote and then making changes on the day of the move.

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